Why BJP won lokshabha election in 2019

lokshabha election

Why BJP won lokshabha election in 2019:

lokshabha election

The BJP has done it again as like 2014 in 2019 . Narendra Modi will become prime minister of India once again . BJP took majority seat to form their government .BJP took 282 seats in 543 seats in 2014. This year increase its seats as compare to 2014.

There are some reasons behind as follows :-


  1. Surgical Strike :- This strike was conducted by Indian army after 11 days of Uri attack on 28-29 September in POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir).

Lt Gen Ranvir Singh (DGMO) said that he received a crucial and specific information about terrorist hiding in POK.This operation has one motive to destroy its infrastructure along with doing some casualties.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistani military was capable of thwarting any attack by India.

2.Balakot Strike:-  On 26 February 2019, at around 3:30 am IST (10:00 pm UTC, 25 February) . Indian airforce conducted an air strike after the Pulwama attack in which Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed that he did Pulwama attack for make revolution fast to free kashmir.

  1. No PM face: -In opposition there was no PM face. Some of the parties accept that Rahul Gandhi will become pm of India but some parties didn’t accept him.
  2. article 370 and 35 A: -In this article Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India but Nehru told in their speech that it is disputed area                                                                                       But BJP president Amit Shah told that he could remove this article if they get vote once again in 2019.

4.Nationalism:- He spread nationalism throughout the country Majority of people from all over the world supported the BJP government.

Mostly this government focused their work in nationalism. Their all policies are related to nationalism. They have strict policies about Kashmir and terrorism

  1. Negative politics: -The negative politics is also spread out by opposition instead of presenting its plan. They oppose Modi with fake agenda like ‘chowkidar chor hai’ .Rahul Gandhi has spoken about Rafale deal but yet voters didn’t accept this because he is talking without proof.
  2. Women: -The pm of India(Narendra Modi) program to make toilet under Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin (SBM-G) .He distributed LPG under Ujwala Yojana. He also talks about triple talaq. He promised Muslim women for their security from evil who leaves wife by saying talaq words three times. This type of program cuts all type of caste and religion and make women happy.
  3. Political strategy: -He focussed Northeast and east side of India after losing Rajasthan and MP etc state in vidhansabha election.
  4. Hindutva:- BJP promised to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya to Hindu.They talk about previous five years, why he wasn’t able to build Ram temple ?,because that year was not sufficient and there are many issues in the country that was very important to solve first.

9.Caste equation :-Bjp creates correct caste equation for winnig this election easily .In alliance with JDU and LJP . He beat RJD whose founder was Lalu Yadav . Bjp took care all the section of society wheather they belong to obc or general . The governThe government had a bill passed for creation of National Commission of OBCs and another one for granting 10 % of quota in government job and eduactional institution for economically weaker section.







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